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NSC Question Set Distribution

Below is the template distribution for the PACE NSC question set, as of July 2015. This distribution lists how many tossups/bonuses will be included from each category out of the 20 tossups and 20 bonuses in regular play per packet. For an example, 4/4 Literature indicates that there will be 4 literature tossups and 4 […]

2015 Coaches Conference

The 2015 PACE NSC saw the first annual PACE Coaches Conference, organized and chaired by Fred Morlan. Team and Circuit Development In the first part of the talk, several quizbowl leaders discussed various aspects of growing quizbowl teams and circuits: Mike Laudermith, coach at Fenton High School (Bensenville, IL), discussed the role that a quizbowl […]

2015 NSC Program

The program for last weekend’s PACE NSC may be downloaded at this link.

2015 NSC Results

The 2015 NSC was held at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, VA on June 6 and 7. Detroit Catholic Central High School from Novi, Michigan (Joshua Cantie, Austin Foos, Conner Reynolds, Jack Watts) unseated the 2014 NSC champions, Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy from Austin, Texas (Alex Denko, Forrest Hammel, Ethan Russo, Corin Wagen), by […]

2015 NSC Superplayoff Schedule

Attached is the schedule for the 8-team crossover round that will be played Sunday morning to determine the 2015 NSC champions. 2015 PACE NSC Super 8