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2018 NSC Registered Teams

This page contains the list of teams who have registered for the 2018 NSC by qualifying, submitting the registration form, and sending in their deposit. It was last updated on 4/25/2018. There are currently 96 teams registered. The field cap is 96. Registered Teams Adair County High School (Columbia, KY) Adlai E. Stevenson A (Lincolnshire, […]

2018 NSC Qualifying Tournaments

This page contains a list of qualifier tournaments for the 2018 NSC. See this page for more details on tournament qualification. This page was last updated on 3/31/2018. Platinum Certified Tournaments: Earlybird Host Academic Buzzer Team at UIUC (Urbana, Illinois) Date: 10/7/2017 Auburn A (Rockford, IL) Wayzata A (Plymouth, MN) IMSA A (Aurora, IL) University […]

Post-game interview with the coaches of DCC

After DCC A secured their victory, Marianna Zhang (MZ) caught up with DCC coaches Christopher Gismondi (CG) and Benjamin Herman (BH). This interview has been edited lightly for clarity. MZ: How are you feeling right now? CG: I’m running the gamut of emotions. Pure joy, relief, a tinge of sadness because I’m going to miss […]

2017 NSC updated schedule

DCC A has compellingly won the 2017 PACE NSC, but games at NSC continue on the following schedule. Five tiebreaker games will begin at 1:30pm: 4th place – Dublin Scioto vs Thomas Jefferson A (VA) – John Wayne A 6th place – IMSA vs La Jolla – McCarran A 9th place – Stevenson A vs […]

2017 NSC results

Congratulations to Detroit Catholic Central High School A of Novi, Michigan, the 2017 PACE NSC champions! They cleared the superplayoff bracket by 2 games, blowing anyway the closest competitors. DCC A’s last superplayoff game was a nail-biter where they defeated Dublin Scioto High School (OH) 410 to 400. The game came down to a sudden-death […]