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PACE is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving and growing high-school quizbowl. We know it can be hard to find the quizbowl resources you are looking for, so we collected several links for you. As a community, we are fortunate that many individuals and groups have worked hard to make it easier for teams to get organized and to improve at quizbowl. We invite you to contact if you have any questions or suggestions. Most of these resources were not developed by and are not affiliated with PACE.


To find upcoming

Study and Practice

For lots of free practice questions (packets)
To look up past questions on any given
For quizbowl study
To have a computer read questions to

General Information

For articles with general quizbowl
To learn about which buzzer system to
To learn how to host a
To find your state’s quizbowl


For discussions about coaching quizbowl, join the Quizbowl Advisors & Coaches
To discuss quizbowl with a variety of 
To report misconduct within the

To request free questions especially geared to new players, please request a copy of the Introductory Middle School set by emailing

To request money from PACE for funding an outreach project to increase quizbowl participation and awareness, email