PACE Members and Officers

PACE Board of Directors 2023-24

Headshot of Mia McGill

Mia McGill – President
Mia McGill (they/them) joined PACE in 2021, but has been involved with quizbowl since 2015. They live in Minnesota, where they staff many local tournaments around the Twin Cities and work in the arts nonprofit field. Mia is passionate about equity, accessibility, and misconduct reform within quizbowl, and currently serves as one of PACE’s representatives to the Misconduct Reporting Form. They’re looking forward to continuing to improve the NSC and PACE’s infrastructure as a whole.

Headshot of Mike Bentley

Michael Bentley – Treasurer
Michael Bentley joined PACE in 2008. He has formerly served as PACE’s President and VP of Editing. He has also worked on technology projects with PACE including an online tournament guide, a USB buzzer system, and the QEMS2 question management system. Michael is based in Seattle and continues to play and write open tournaments.

Headshot of Victor Prieto

Victor Prieto – Secretary
Victor Prieto (he/him) was first introduced to quizbowl at Rice University in 2011. After graduating in 2015, he completed a Ph.D. in chemistry at Penn State, where he built a strong quizbowl program that is now a central component of the Pennsylvania circuit. Victor joined PACE in 2015, and went on to become VP of Outreach, VP of Tournament Direction, and President (2020-22). He currently serves as Secretary, where he keeps routine operations running smoothly within PACE. In addition, Victor is focused on developing new technologies to assist tournament direction. Victor currently lives in Queens, NY.

Headshot of Ganon Evans

Ganon Evans – Vice President of Editing
Ganon Evans (he/him) has been a PACE member since 2022 and has been playing quizbowl since he was in high school in 2014. Ganon is a native of Missouri and currently works out of the Kansas City area where he works in public policy. Ganon is the current President of ACF, a Misconduct Form Representative, can be regularly see volunteering for events through the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance. He is excited to produced another fun, high quality, NSC set for 2024.

Headshot of Ben Weiner

Ben Weiner – Vice President of Tournament Direction
Ben Weiner (he/him) joined PACE in 2021, and has been involved with quizbowl since 2016. He lives in Minneapolis, MN where he attends the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and serves as the President of UMN Quizbowl. He’s passionate about the growth of quizbowl at the high school level by making pyramidal more accessible for all players and teams. He directed the 2023 NSC and is looking forward to making the 2024 NSC the best experience for players, coaches, and staff.

Headshot of Casey Bindas

Casey Bindas – Vice President of Event Management
Casey Bindas has been a member of PACE since 2018, and previously served as the VP of Tournament Direction in 2021 and VP of Event Management in 2023. He played quizbowl at Canton High School in Michigan, the University of Central Florida, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Michigan Technological University. He currently lives in Georgia where he continues to staff high school and college quizbowl tournaments. Casey is passionate about tournament logistics and is looking forward to making the 2024 NSC a great experience for all.

Headshot of Sadie Britton

Sadie Britton – Director of Communications
Sadie Britton (she/her) joined PACE in 2020 and has worn a lot of hats in that time, from NSC liveblogger to VP of Outreach– but she’s played quizbowl in various formats since she was in middle school. She is an alumna of the College of William & Mary, where she was the vice president of the W&M quizbowl team for two years. She loves being an ambassador for our great game and is looking forward to serving as PACE’s director of communications this year. She also serves as one of PACE’s representatives on the Quizbowl Misconduct Reporting Form, and is passionate about making quizbowl a safer, more inclusive community. Sadie lives in Minneapolis and works at the University of Minnesota.

Headshot of Jay Winter

Jay Winter – Vice President of Outreach
Jay Winter (he/him) joined PACE in 2020 and has been involved in quiz bowl as a coach, tournament director, and circuit leader since 2007. He coached previously at Greenville High School in Illinois, and then started a team at Waukee High School in suburban Des Moines in 2015, with the Warriors winning four state championships. Also that year, he founded the Iowa Quiz Bowl League. In 2021, when Waukee opened up Northwest High School, Winter went to the new building and started a team, with the Wolves going to PACE NSC in 2021 in their first year of competition. He was honored for his efforts by PACE in 2023 with the Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award. Jay and his spouse live in west suburban Des Moines, and he enjoys playing card games and board games, working on home improvement, cooking, and of course, quiz bowl.

Headshot of Ashish Kumbhardare

Ashish Kumbhardare – Vice President of Tech
Ashish Kumbhardare (he/him) joined PACE in 2023, but has been involved with quizbowl in 2012. Originally from West Chester, PA; he currently lives in Mt. Laurel, NJ; where he works on maintaining and testing software for the AEGIS Combat System. Within quizbowl, Ashish is passionate about outreach, technology, and roadblocks new teams face and how PACE can help overcome these roadblocks. Ashish currently plays quizbowl for Rowan University, and can be seen staffing quizbowl tournaments in the Philadelphia area.

PACE Members

NameDate JoinedAffiliationState
Aaron Rosenberg2008 – JuneUniversity of IllinoisVA
Aidan Leahy2023 – JulyUniversity of GeorgiaGA
Aidan Mehigan2012 – JulyColumbia UniversityNJ
Albert Zhang2021 – JulyColumbia UniversityNY
Alejandro Lopez-Lago2020 – JanuaryUniversity of WashingtonWA
Andrew Wang2016 – JulyUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignIL
Ankit Aggarwal2016 – JulyUniversity of California, BerkeleyCA
Anna Csiki-Fejer2023 – JulySaint Louis UniversityMO
Antonio Jimenez2021 – JanuaryUniversity of PennsylvaniaPA
Arjun Nageswaran2022 – JanuaryHarvard UniversityIL
Arthur Ramsay2024 – JanuarySUNY Empire State CollegeNY
Ashish Kumbhardare2023 – JulyRowan UniversityNJ
Athena Kern2016 – JanuaryWashington University in St. LouisKY
Ben Chapman2023 – JulyUniversity of TorontoON
Ben Kirk2022 – JulyIthaca High SchoolNY
Ben Weiner2021 – JulyUniversity of MinnesotaMN
Bing Bingham2020 – JulyWright State UniversityOH
Bryanna Shao2024 – JanuaryVanderbilt UniversityMN
Casey Bindas2018 – JulyMichigan Technological UniversityGA
Catherine Qian2020 – JulyUniversity of PennsylvaniaVA
Chandler West2020 – JanuaryVanderbilt UnviersityTN
Chloe Levine2018 – JulyHarvard UniversityNY
Chris Ray2007 – JuneThe Ohio State UniversityMD
Cody Voight2014 – JuneVirginia Commonwealth UniversityVA
Colin McNamara2011 – JulyBoise State UniversityID
David Bass2023 – JanuaryUniversity of VirginiaVA
Dylan Minarik2017 – JuneNorthwestern UniversityWI
Felix Wang2023 – JulyUniversity of MissouriMO
Ganon Evans2022 – JulyUniversity of IowaMO
Geoffrey Wu2023 – JulyColumbia UniversityNY
Giifti Benti2023 – JulySIUEIL
Hari Parameswaran2022 – JanuaryGeorgia Institute of TechnologyGA
Harry White2019 – JulyVirginia Polytechnic InstituteVA
Jay Winter2020 – JulyWaukee High School Coach
Iowa Quiz Bowl League CEO
Joe Nutter2014 – JanuaryMichigan State UniversityGA
Jonathan Pinyan2012 – JulyBergen County AcademiesNJ
Joseph Krol2022 – JulyUniversity of CambridgeUK
Kady Hsu2019 – JulyUniversity of California, BerkeleyCA
Katherine Lei2021 – JanuaryMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMA
Kiran Rachamallu2023 – JulyWilliam & Mary UniversityVA
Lauren Onel2021 – JanuaryUniversity of ChicagoIL
Marianna Zhang2014 – JuneStanford UniversityCA
Mia McGill2021 – JulyIrondale High SchoolMN
Michael Bentley2008 – JuneUniversity of WashingtonWA
Michael Borecki2018 – JulyBowdoin CollegeME
Michael Hundley2012 – JulyVirginia Polytechnic InstituteVA
Michael Sorice2008 – JuneUniversity of Illinois
Rantoul Township High School
Naveed Chowdhury2019 – JulyUniversity of MarylandGA
Nina Kaushikkar2022 – JulyUniversity of MinnesotaMN
Ophir Lifshitz2017 – FebruaryUniversity of MarylandMD
Ramapriya Rangaraju2019 – JulyUniversity of LouisvilleKY
Rebecca Rosenthal2018 – JulySwarthmore CollegeTX
Rob Carson2008 – JuneUniversity of MinnesotaMN
Ryan Ritter2023 – JanuaryJames MadisonVA
Ryan Rosenberg2014 – JanuaryUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillCA
Sadie Britton2020 – JanuaryCollege of William and MaryVA
Sam Luongo2010 – JulyVirginia Commonwealth UniversityVA
Samir Sarma2023 – JulyGeorgia Institute of TechnologyGA
Tejas Raje2019 – FebruaryCornell UniversityIL
Tejas Santanam2019 – JulyGeorgia Institute of TechnologyGA
Tracy Mirkin2019 – JulyUniversity of FloridaFL
Victor Prieto2015 – JunePenn State UniversityNY
Will Grossman2021 – JanuaryUniversity of FloridaFL
Zac Bennett2022 – JulyUniversity of OklahomaOK

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