Contact Us

Looking for information about some aspect of PACE? Email one of the addresses below:

  • Director of Communications – Sadie Britton
    Questions about general information, or topics not specifically covered below.
  • Treasurer – Mike Bentley
    Questions about NSC registration and payment.
  • VP of Technology – Ashish Kumbhardare
    Questions about technological initiatives that PACE supports.
  • VP of Outreach – Jay Winter
    Questions about outreach initiatives that PACE supports, including the PACE Outreach Fund.
  • Secretary – Victor Prieto
    Questions about PACE membership nomination cycles, which are twice a year in January and June.
  • NSC Tournament Director – Ben Weiner
    Questions about the NSC tournament logistics and player eligibility.
  • VP of Editing – Ganon Evans
    Questions about the Writing Mentorship Program or writing for NSC.
  • NSC Staffing Coordinator – Marianna Zhang
    Questions about staffing for NSC.
    Applications for wildcard qualification to NSC.
    Nominations for and questions about the Benjamin Cooper Awards, which are awarded once a year in May.
    Nominations for and questions about the Morgan Costa-Rhodes Scholarship, which is awarded once a year in May.
    Reporting errata from the NSC question set, or suggestions for improvement on aspects of PACE.

If you wish to provide feedback to PACE, you can also fill out this form:

Misconduct should be reported through the form operated by PACE, NAQT, and ACF, which can be found at this link.