Writing Mentorship Program

For more information on the 2022-23 edition of the program, read our post about it on the Quizbowl Resource Center.

PACE runs an annual mentorship program for writers, starting each October and completing in January of the following year. Over the course of that period, mentees admitted into the program will be expected to complete 18 questions and a self-reflection, with mentoring and feedback being provided by experienced writers and editors. After the completion of the program, writers may be invited to join the NSC set production team.

Any high school graduate who is not coaching any NSC-eligible team is welcome to apply for the program. We are looking for applicants of all experience levels, including those who have never written a question before and those who have written many questions. The motivation behind the program is to provide potential writers a clear gateway to a writing opportunity, and for new writers to absorb good writing principles from experienced editors. No previous writing experience is required. Anyone who was not accepted or did not complete the program last year remains eligible to apply.

Those who have successfully written or edited for collegiate sets may be deemed overqualified for the program and can inquire if the mentorship program is appropriate.

Questions written during this program are eligible to appear in the 2023 NSC and beyond, and writers will be paid accordingly. Application questions for those accepted into the mentorship program may potentially be used in an NSC set, so do not discuss application questions with anyone at any point. Questions may not have been written for or used in any previous set, submitted for any previous application or packet, or seen by anyone apart from the applicant.

Selection to the program is completely anonymous and is based solely on the quality of the application. We encourage eligible people of all backgrounds, genders, ages, and experience levels to apply. The number of admissions may be limited by program resources, with priority decided by application quality.