2021 David Riley Players and Coaches Conference

PACE hosted the 2021 David Riley Players and Coaches Conference as a Zoom webinar on Saturday, June 12, from 4 to 6 PM Eastern. Sadie Britton of PACE was the lead moderator. The two primary topics discussed (dedicating about an hour each) were:

  • The state of online quiz bowl as we approach the end of the pandemic, both from a tournament and community perspective.
  • The nitty-gritty administrative work of running a club day-to-day (such as dealing with school administration and faculty/otherwise “adult” advisors) and how that looks different at the MS/HS/college level.


  • Ethan Ashbrook, player at U of Minnesota and editor/mirror TD for the Southeast-Midwest Housewrite & SMH2 sets
  • Jessica Bowen, coach at AMSA Charter School in Massachusetts
  • Bo Chi, player at East Chapel Hill HS in North Carolina and stats wrangler for AQBL
  • David Dennis, coach in the School District of Washington in Missouri
  • Aidan Leahy, player at U of Georgia and editor/mirror TD for Southeast-Midwest Housewrite & SMH2 sets
  • Akshata Pisharody, graduating player/club president at William & Mary (& formerly of Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School in Virginia)
  • Kevin Wang, former player at Amherst College in Massachusetts and moderator of the QB community Discord server
  • Rachel Yang, graduating player at Hunter College HS in New York and head editor of Prison Bowl


A transcript of the conference can be found here.