About PACE

The Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence (PACE) is a non-profit alliance of college and high school academic teams that specifically organize high school academic tournaments across the country.

PACE has many objectives:

  • to promote and encourage the growth of quality high school invitational tournaments around the country,
  • to provide guidance or assistance to other colleges or high schools that wish to organize such tournaments,
  • to encourage innovation and creativity in academic competition,
  • to establish visibility for college academic team programs that run high school tournaments,
  • to foster cooperation among college and high school programs in preparation for upcoming regional, state, or national tournaments,
  • to encourage participation of teams in tournaments across the country prior to regional, state, or national tournaments,
  • to allow all teams adequate opportunity to practice, compete, and socialize among other fellow competitors,
  • to produce the question set for and run the National Scholastic Championship each year.

There is no membership fee to be part of this network. However, the success of this project depends on the willingness and dedication of high school and college academic competition organizations to share information and volunteer their time and effort.