Breaking Ties in Standings at NSC

Minimatch Format

Minimatches are used for breaking ties in standings. All minimatches will follow standard PACE format (tossup/bonus with powers) with the following three changes: 

  1. The standard length is 10, rather than 20, tossup-bonus cycles.
  2. If the minimatch is tied after cycle 10, it will proceed directly to sudden-death tossups (first team to answer correctly is declared the winner).
  3. There is no halftime substitution opportunity; the only substitution opportunity is between cycle 10 and sudden-death if necessary.

Breaking Ties in Standings

Ties in record between teams advancing to the same tier (e.g. 1st and 2nd place) are broken by points per game (PPG) within that phase of the tournament. For rebracketing between Stages I and II and Stages II and III, ties between teams potentially advancing to different tiers (after Stage I), or different groups within Tier I (after Stage II) (e.g. 2nd and 3rd place) will be broken with minimatches. Between Stages III and IV, ties in the championship group are resolved with full-packet matches.  

Points Per Game (PPG) 

When tiebreaker matches will not be played, teams will be ranked by Points per Game for all games against the other teams in that group. If tiebreaker matches are required, seeding will be done by the same criteria. For Stage III, this will include one game from Stage II that has carried over; it will not include any games from Stage I. To ensure fairness, points scored in overtime of any game will not be considered in calculating PPG. In the event that teams are tied on PPG, the next tiebreaker will be points per bonus (PPB), again for the games against teams in that group.

Tiebreaker Scheduling

When minimatches are required to break a tie in the standings for a group, teams involved in the tie will be seeded A, B, C… on PPG in games against the other teams in that group The procedure will be dependent on how many teams are tied and how many can advance to the higher group in the next stage:

  • 2 teams, 1 spot: The teams play each other. If this is in Tiebreaker B or C, PACE will use a full game rather than a minimatch.
  • 3 teams, 2 spots: A plays B (Game 1). Loser of 1 plays C (Game 2). Winners of Games 1 and 2 advances to the top group.
  • 3 teams, 1 spot (or final rank): B plays C (Game 1). Winner of 1 plays A (Game 2). Winner of Game 2 advances to the top group.
  • 3 teams tied for first in Championship group: B plays C (Game 1, full game). Winner of Game 1 plays Team A in the final.
  • 4 teams, breaking 2-2: A plays D (Game 1), B plays C (Game 2). Winners advance to the top group.
  • 4 teams, breaking 1-2-1 (or final rank): A plays D (Game 1), B plays C (Game 2). Then winners play (Game 3) and losers play (Game 4). Winner of Game 3 advances to the top group, loser of Game 4 advances to the bottom group; the remaining two teams advance to the middle group.