For the 2023 NSC and onward, participants and attendees are not required to present proof of vaccination. In lieu of this requirement, we are adopting a universal masking policy for all participants, except readers after obtaining consent from all participants in each match.

Participants at the NSC will be required to wear protective masks while in indoor spaces shared with other people. Masks must be well-fitting, snug, and completely cover the mouth and nose. Participants actively engaged in the act of eating or drinking are permitted to take their mask off, provided they do so while at a safe distance from others. PACE recommends the use of N95, KN95, or KF94 masks, but surgical or cloth masks are also acceptable. Bandanas, masks with vents, or masks made from repurposed clothing items are not permitted.

Participants are not required to submit a negative test to attend NSC. A negative test will not be accepted as a substitute for the above requirements.

All participants will be required to adhere at all times to this vaccination and masking policy, with no exceptions. Any NSC participants unwilling or unable to adhere to the requirements of this policy will not be permitted to attend, or will be asked to leave if found to be noncompliant during the tournament. If you have questions regarding any details of this policy, please direct them to