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2019 David Riley Players & Coaches Conference

The 2019 David Riley Players and Coaches Conference will be held at 2019 National Scholastic Championship on Friday, June 7 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m at Hyatt Regency Reston, Regency Ballroom A.


  • Alex Damisch, former player, Lawrence University and DePaul University; Member, PACE; Treasurer, ACF; Misconduct Reporting Advocate
  • Matt Bollinger, former player, University of Virginia, former PACE member
  • Ankit Aggarwal, member, PACE; member, NCQBA
  • Jackie Wu, Vice President of Outreach, PACE
  • Olivia Lamberti, Adlai E. Stevenson High School
  • Sohum Shenoy, Charter School of Wilmington
  • Dennis Loo, Coach, Illinois Math and Science Academy
  • Lakshmy Parameswaran and Juli Cohen – Beavercreek High School Parents/Coaches

All coaches and players are welcome.

Fill out the coaches conference registration form to register. Registration is not mandatory, but it will help us ensure we have enough seating. Enter a registration for all people in your group attending, including coaches and players.

If you want to try to make sure your topic is covered or if you cannot make the conference, you can submit ideas using the topic submission form.

If you have any questions, contact coaches conference organizer Aaron Rosenberg at cursednine AT gmail DOT com. We hope to see you all Friday night!

Audio recordings of both sessions of the conference can be found here. Audio transcriptions will be made available shortly.

Limited-Time Donation Matching

From now until the beginning of round 1 of this year’s NSC, PACE Member Ian Drayer is offering to match all donations to PACE by non-members dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $1000.

If you would like to make a match-eligible donation, please donate via our PayPal link (found on the “Donate to PACE” page under the “About” menu) and mention Ian’s campaign.

2019 PACE NSC Distribution

Below is the template distribution for the PACE NSC 2019 question set.


This distribution lists how many tossups/bonuses will be included from each category out of the 20 tossups and 20 bonuses in regular play per packet. For an example, 4/4 Literature indicates that there will be 4 literature tossups and 4 literature bonuses every packet. Fractions indicate that that category may not be represented equally every round. For an example, .75/.75 World Literature indicates that out of every 4 packets, 3 packets will include 1 world literature tossup, and 3 packets will include 1 world literature bonus.


4/4 Literature

1/1 American Literature

1/1 British Literature

1/1 European Literature

1/1 World and Miscellaneous Literature


4/4 History

1/1 American History

1/1 European/British History

1/1 World History

1/1 Cross History, Miscellaneous History, and Historiography


4/4 Science

1.1/1.1 Biology

.8/.8 Chemistry

1/1 Physics

1.1/1.1 Astronomy, Earth Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineer


3/3 Fine Arts

1/1 Painting

1/1 Music

1/1 Other Fine Arts


3.5/3.5 Religion, Mythology, Philosophy, and Social Science

1/1 Religion

1/1 Mythology

.75/.75 Philosophy

.75/.75 Social Science


1.5/1.5 Current Events, Geography, and General Knowledge

.5/.5 Current Events

.5/.5 Geography

.5/.5 Miscellaneous/Other Academic/General Knowledge