Zoom Tournament Troubleshooting

This page lists some common problems encountered at Zoom tournaments and how to go about fixing them.

TD can’t make a new Zoom meeting

Make sure you’re doing so on the correct Zoom account. (i.e. the one linked to your school / work).

Meeting person limit hit

Zoom places a limit on the number of people you can have in a meeting. This limit varies based on what options the organization that manages your Zoom account has paid for. The most common limit is 100 people.

If this happens, you can either create a new meeting or temporarily sign up for an account that supports more people on the call. While the latter is expensive, you may be able to cover this as a tournament expense if you cancel immediately after the tournament is held.

No Breakout Rooms

Check the options in the Zoom meeting settings. Sometimes breakout rooms are disabled at the organization level. It’s best to make breakout rooms ahead of the tournament to know if this will be an issue for you.

No Chat

Player can’t join a breakout room

Zoom often doesn’t automatically move someone to the breakout room. Instruct players to check the breakout room options once they’ve been assigned to one.