Zoom Meeting Setup

Every Zoom tournament consists of one or more meetings. On the most common Zoom account used for education, Zoom meetings can have up to 100 people. You can check out the limits for your organization’s Zoom account by signing in and going to your profile.

This account can host a Zoom meeting with up to 100 participants.

Depending on your tournament size, you’ll generally want one meeting for every bracket in your tournament. If you end up needing multiple meetings, you’ll want to designate a staffer to be co-TD for each meeting you create. Each co-TD will be responsible for admitting people to the meeting, assigning them to breakout rooms, and doing all other TD tasks for the players/coaches/staffers on that meeting.

To schedule a meeting, head to the Schedule a Meeting section of the Zoom website. You’ll want to fill out the settings similar to as follows:

Example meeting options. Note that a passcode is set, no waiting room is required, video is turned on, only computer audio is allowed, and you’ve added your staffers as alternative hosts. The meeting is also set to last for 24 hours (the max allowed).

Once you’ve created your meeting, you should see a confirmation screen like the one listed below, which contains an invite link and the passcode. Send this to all the tournament contacts, along with links to the player, coaches and staffer guide to online tournaments.

Meeting confirmation, which includes link and passcode.

Note that Zoom also has an option for a Webinar. These are different than Meetings and not what you want for a quizbowl tournament.