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2015-16 Outreach Fund

The Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence is accepting submissions for the PACE Outreach Fund, a program funding outreach for high quality quizbowl around the country. The program is designed to support state organization and tournament hosts in their efforts to recruit new teams. Funding will take the form of grants, which may range up to […]

2016 NSC Team Qualification Guidelines

What’s New in 2015-16 All qualifying teams may register starting on November 2nd, 2015 regardless of whether they qualified at a Platinum, Gold or Regular qualifying tournament. Tournaments with split divisions (i.e. one division for the top teams and another for all other teams) can now use the entire field size to determine how many […]

NSC Question Set Distribution

Below is the template distribution for the PACE NSC question set, as of September 2015. This distribution lists how many tossups/bonuses will be included from each category out of the 20 tossups and 20 bonuses in regular play per packet. For an example, 4/4 Literature indicates that there will be 4 literature tossups and 4 […]

2015 Coaches Conference

The 2015 PACE NSC saw the first annual PACE Coaches Conference, organized and chaired by Fred Morlan. Team and Circuit Development In the first part of the talk, several quizbowl leaders discussed various aspects of growing quizbowl teams and circuits: Mike Laudermith, coach at Fenton High School (Bensenville, IL), discussed the role that a quizbowl […]

2015 NSC Program

The program for last weekend’s PACE NSC may be downloaded at this link.