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2015 NSC: Wild Card Application Now Open

The wild card application process for the 2015 NSC is now open! The procedure for submitting a wildcard bid is as follows: Teams that wish to submit a wildcard bid for the 2015 PACE NSC should send an e-mail to PACE member Jason Loy at Please include the following information in the e-mail: 1. […]

2015 NSC: Registration Open to All Teams

Any team who has qualified for the PACE NSC can now register! To register, teams should fill out the official NSC registration form. A list of qualified teams may be found here.

2015 NSC: Registered Teams

This page lists teams in various stages of registration for the 2015 NSC. It will be updated regularly. 107 teams have completed Step 1 of registration. 78 teams have confirmed their spots in the NSC field by submitting payment. This is the list of teams that have completed both parts of registration for the 2015 NSC. […]

2015 NSC: Registration Open For Platinum-Qualified Teams

Registration for the 2015 PACE NSC is now open! Teams that have qualified for NSC at a tournament PACE has awarded Platinum qualification status may now register. A list of qualifying tournaments may be viewed here, and a list of qualified teams may be viewed here.In order to register for NSC, teams should fill out this form. After […]