PACE Officers & Members

PACE Board of Directors 2014-2015:

President — Matthew Jackson
A native and current resident of Washington, D.C., where he began his quizbowl career at Georgetown Day School, Matthew Jackson is a recent graduate of Yale University, where he served as quizbowl team captain for two years, helped put together the tournament schedule for New England’s high school & collegiate circuits, directed four regional tournaments, and produced/head-edited four iterations of the well-regarded Bulldog High School Academic Tournament (BHSAT). Also a provisional member of the Academic Competition Federation, Jackson joined PACE in 2012, and has previously served as its Vice President of Outreach.

Treasurer — Michael Bentley
Michael Bentley is a three-time former president of PACE.  He played quizbowl at West Chester East High School in Pennsylvania and at the University of Maryland.  He currently lives and works in the Seattle area and is involved with the quizbowl team at the University of Washington.  Bentley has written and edited for numerous tournaments, including both iterations of College History Bowl and the projector-based tournament Eyes That Do Not See, in which players identify visual artworks from image slides.

Secretary — Jacob Wasserman
Jacob Wasserman, a current junior at Yale, is PACE’s Secretary for 2014-15. Since joining PACE, Jacob has coordinated staffing arrangements and recruitment for the record-size 2013 and 2014 NSCs. Involved in quizbowl since sixth grade at D.C.’s Saint Anselm’s Abbey School, Jacob played three times in the tournament he now helps organize, placing fourth at the 2010 NSC behind teammates and now-PACE-members Matthew Bollinger and Aidan Mehigan. At Yale, Jacob is a regular tournament director and assistant editor of the BHSAT high-school set, and served as the team’s treasurer and webmaster last year.

Vice President of Editing — Auroni Gupta
Auroni Gupta played high school quizbowl for Torrey Pines (’08) and founded the quizbowl team at the University of California, San Diego (’12). He has edited for several tournaments at the high school, collegiate, and open levels, including ACF Fall 2009, Missouri Open 2009, THUNDER II in 2010, MAGNI in 2011, ACF Regionals 2012, PACE NSC 2012, Minnesota Open 2012, WIT 2013, and ACF Nationals 2014. From 2012 to the present, he has served as the arts editor for High School Academic Pyramid Questions (HSAPQ), in which capacity he has edited for over 20 tournaments thus far, and has written over one hundred questions for the past two incarnations of the National Academic All-Star Tournament (NASAT).

Vice President of Outreach — Nicholas Karas
Nicholas Karas is the co-President of the quizbowl team at the University of California, Berkeley, and a member of the Northern California Quizbowl Alliance. He is currently involved with promoting high school and college quizbowl to new high schools around Northern California and across the West Coast.

Director of Communications — Ryan Rosenberg
Ryan Rosenberg is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studies political science and plays for their quizbowl team.  In high school, Ryan was the top scorer at Ardsley, which tied for 21st at the 2012 HSNCT, and played on the 2012 New York NASAT team.  His college accomplishments include the 2014 ACF Nationals Division II championship.  Ryan has also served as Insider Promotions director for HSAPQ and hopes to use his experience with high school quizbowl to help PACE as Director of Communications.

Vice President of Technology — Stephen Eltinge
Stephen Eltinge is a senior at MIT, where he plays quizbowl at the collegiate level and works to promote the growth of high school quizbowl in Massachusetts and the wider New England area. His accomplishments include running several high school tournaments at MIT, working with HSAPQ to organize a Massachusetts Quizbowl Championship state series, and organizing a Massachusetts team for the 2014 HSAPQ National All-Star Academic Tournament. As Vice President of Technology, he maintains the PACE website, and also serves as a contact person for PACE regarding technology-, Internet-, and software-related matters.

Vice President of Tournament Direction — Sarah Angelo
A graduate student in the Education program at Virginia Commonwealth University, Sarah Angelo returns for her second year as Vice President of Tournament Direction, after helping usher the NSC into a conference hotel setting for the first time in 2014. A lifelong Virginian and Richmond native, Sarah’s quizbowl career began at Maggie Walker Governor’s School, where she directed and edited several instances of the Governor’s School Academic Competition (GSAC) and helped lead a team to victory at the 2010 NAQT High School National Championship Tournament. Sarah’s other logistical work includes two years as PACE Director of Communications (from 2011 to 2013), oversight over several instances of the NAQT Virginia State Championship and the ACF Fall collegiate tournament while an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, and the role of Vice President of Tournament Direction for the 2014 NSC, the first held in a conference hotel setting.

Board Member At-Large — Bernadette Spencer
Bernadette Spencer has been a member of PACE since 2008. She has edited religion, philosophy, and social science for multiple NSCs. As Member-at-Large of the PACE board, she manages the logistical aspects of the NSC’s physical location and serves as PACE’s liaison with the hotel in which it is hosted.

Current Membership List

Name School Affiliation [or latest affiliation] Current City
Sarah Angelo Virginia Commonwealth University ’16 Richmond, Virginia
Rahul Annabathula University of Kentucky ’16 Lexington, Kentucky
Mike Bentley University of Washington Seattle, Washington
George Berry (Inactive 2014-15) Virginia Commonwealth University ’13 Richmond, Virginia
Matt Bollinger (Inactive 2015) University of Virginia MBA ’15 Charlottesville, Virginia
Rob Carson Minneapolis Community and Technical College Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jason Cheng University of California-San Diego ’17 San Diego, California
Stephen Eltinge Massachusetts Institute of Technology ’15 Cambridge, Massachusetts
Carsten Gehring Carleton College ’12 Plymouth, Minnesota
Julie Gittings State College High School (coach, 1997-2011) Taos, New Mexico
Christopher Greenwood University of Ottawa Ottawa, Ontario
Auroni Gupta University of California-San Diego San Diego, California
Benjamin Herman University of Delaware ’14 Henderson, Pennsylvania
Jeffrey Hill University of Missouri-Rolla ’09 Olathe, Kansas
Daniel Hothem University of Virginia ’15 Charlottesville, Virginia
Michael Hundley Virginia Tech Graduate School Blacksburg, Virginia
Matthew Jackson Yale University ’14 Washington, DC
Nicholas Karas University of California-Berkeley ’15 Berkeley, California
Jasper Lee Ohio State University ’14 Solon, Ohio
Jason Loy Harding ’08, Tuscumbia High School (coach) Tuscumbia, Missouri
Colin McNamara Boise State University Boise, Idaho
Aidan Mehigan Columbia University ’16 New York, New York
Fred Morlan University of Kentucky School of Pharmacy Lexington, Kentucky
Eric Mukherjee University of Pennsylvania MD/Ph.D ’17 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Allison Murner University of Kentucky ’16 Lexington, Kentucky
Joe Nutter Michigan State University ’14 East Lansing, Michigan
Jonathan Pinyan WashU ’07; Bergen County Academies (coach) Hackensack, New Jersey
Dan Puma University of Maryland ’15 College Park, Maryland
Chris Ray University of Chicago MA ’16 Chicago, Illinois
David Reinstein New Trier High School (coach, 1994-2011) Buffalo Grove, Illinois
David Riley (Inactive 2014-2015) Loyola Academy (coach 1993-2010) Morton Grove, Illinois
Aaron Rosenberg University of Illinois MA ’14 Champaign, Illinois
Ryan Rosenberg University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ’16 Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Max Schindler University of Chicago ’17 Chicago, Illinois
Adam Silverman Georgia Tech ’16 Atlanta, Georgia
Joelle Smart University of Washington ’14 Seattle, Washington
Mike Sorice University of Illinois; Champaign-Centennial HS (coach) Champaign, Illinois
Bernadette Spencer Minneapolis Community and Technical College Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cody Voight Virginia Commonwealth University ’14 Richmond, Virginia
Jacob Wasserman Yale University ’16 New Haven, Connecticut
Nathan Weiser Stanford University ’18 Palo Alto, California
Richard Yu Washington University in St. Louis ’16 St. Louis, Missouri
Ben Zhang Columbia University ’18 New York, New York
Marianna Zhang University of Chicago ’18 Chicago, Illinois

Former Members

(1997-1998) Jonathan Lazar (Founder)
(1997-2003) Samer T. Ismail (Founder)
(1997-2013) Emil Thomas Chuck (Founder)
(1998-2000) Darrah Densmore
(1998-2000) Shawn Pickrell
(1998-2001) Anthony de Jesus (Trustee)
(1998-2009) David Bykowski
(1999-2002) Brian Saxton (Trustee)
(2000) David Balsiero
(2000) Eric Huff
(2000?-2004) Allison Manzuk
(2000?-2009) Patricia Southard Greenstein
(2000-2003) Edmund Schluessel (Trustee)
(2000-2010; 2012-2015) Matt Weiner
(2002?-2009) Jessie Connolly
(2003?-2009) Dan Greenstein
(2003-2009) Derek Winkler
(2004-2011) Ahmed Ismail
(2006-2010) Eric Douglass
(2006?-2014) Steve Yang
(2007-2009) Evan Silberman
(2008-2009?) Evan Nagler
(2008-2010) Charlie Dees
(2008-2010) Dennis Jang
(2008-2010) Ted Gioia
(2008-2011) Andrew Hart
(2008-2011) Gautam Kandlikar
(2008-2011) Jonathan Magin
(2008-2011) Trygve Meade
(2008-2012) Mehdi Razvi
(2008-2013) Kyle Haddad-Fonda
(2008-2014) Dan Goff
(2009) Chris Carter
(2009-2010) Ike Jose
(2009-2011) Andy Watkins
(2009-2011) Donald Taylor
(2009-2011) Ian Eppler
(2009-2011) Matt Chadbourne
(2009-2012) Daichi Ueda
(2009-2012) Dwight Wynne
(2009-2013) Cameron Orth
(2009-2013) Guy Tabachnick
(2009-2013) Hannah Kirsch
(2009-2014) Will Butler
(2010-2011) Chris Chiego
(2010-2013) Wes Austin
(2011-2014) Isaac Hirsch
(2012-2013) Lily Chen
(2012-2013) Sharad Vikram
(2012-2013) Tanay Kothari
(2012-2014) Brian Mongilio
(2014-2015) Olivia Murton