PACE NSC Liveblog: Superplayoffs Round 4

Welcome to the 4th round of the PACE NSC superplayoffs! We will be covering Hunter vs. Bellarmine this round. I will also be posting updates on Twitter using the hashtag #pacensc.

Tossup 1: Belarmine starts us off with a power and a 20 on a current events bonus. 40-0 Bellarmine.

Tossup 2: Physics buzzer race goes to Hunter, and they are able to pick up 20 points on the bonus. 40-30 Bellarmine.

Tossup 3: Hunter takes the lead with a power in music, and they sweep the bonus. 80-40 Hunter.

Tossup 4: Sameer powers history for Bellarmine, and they take 20 on the bonus. Hunter maintains a slim lead with 10 on the bounceback, though. 90-80 Hunter.

Tossup 5: Bellarmine retakes the lead, and they are able to get all 30 points on the bonus. 130-90 Bellarmine.

Tossup 6: Bellarmine gets their third power in a row, and they extend their lead with 20 on the bonus. 170-90 Bellarmine.

Tossup 7: Yet another power by Bellarmine. They only get 10 on the bonus, while Hunter steals 20. 110-200 Bellarmine.

Tossup 8: Bellarmine has now powered five tossups in a row, and they sweep the bonus this time. 250-110 Bellarmine.

Tossup 9: Hunter finally ends Bellarmine’s streak with a power, and they too get 30 on the bonus. 250-160 Bellarmine.

Tossup 10: Bellarmine gets the final tossup of the half incorrect. Hunter picks it up, and they 20 the bonus. Bellarmine steals 10 points. 260-190 Bellarmine.

Tossup 11: We begin the second half with an incorrect buzz by Bellarmine, and Hunter picks up astro. They get 20 on the bonus. 260-220 Bellarmine.

Tossup 12: For the third tossup in a row, Bellarmine misses the tossup. Hunter answers it with a chance to tie, which they do with 30 on the bonus. 260-260.

Tossup 13: We are now up to four interrupts by Bellarmine, and Hunter takes the lead with a tossup and 30 on the bonus. 300-260 Hunter.

Tossup 14: Bellarmine misses the tossup yet again, and Hunter have taken advantage of it in a huge way, with another 30 on the bonus. 340-260 Hunter.

Tossup 15: Finally Bellarmine ends their neg streak. They get the tossup and 20 the bonus to come within 50 points of Hunter. 340-290 Hunter.

Tossup 16: Bellarmine powers, but they only get 10 on the bonus. Hunter is able to get 20 on the bounceback. 360-320 Hunter.

Tossup 17: Hunter holds off Bellarmine with a power, and they get 20 on the bonus. Bellarmine steals 10. 400-330 Hunter.

Tossup 18: Hunter gets another power, but they only get 10 on the bonus. Bellarmine gets 10 on the bouncebck to stay in the game. 430-340 Hunter.

Tossup 19: And just like that, Hunter powers to ensure a victory. They get 20 points on the bonus. 470-340 Hunter.

Tossup 20: The last tossup goes to Hunter in power, and a lit bonus gives them an additional 30 points. 520-340 Hunter.