PACE NSC Liveblog: Superplayoffs Round 2

Welcome to the 2nd round of the PACE NSC superplayoffs! We will be covering Auburn vs. Bellarmine this round. I will also be posting updates on Twitter using the hashtag #pacensc.

Tossup 1: The first tossup is missed by Bellarmine, and Auburn takes the tossup and 30 on the bonus to get an early lead. 40-0 Auburn.

Tossup 2: Bellarmine responds with a power, and they tie the game with a 20 on the bonus. 40-40.

Tossup 3: Bellarmine once again gets the tossup incorrect, and Auburn picks it up. They get 20 on the bonus, while Bellarmine steals 10. 70-50 Auburn.

Tossup 4: There is a pattern of neg-power-neg-power by Bellarmine this game. They power and both teams get 10 on the bonus. 80-80.

Tossup 5: Bellarmine get their first lead of the game with a power, and they get 20 on the bonus. 120-80 Bellarmine.

Tossup 6: Bellarmine buzzes on the first clue, but they aren’t able to get the tossup. Auburn picks it up, and they take 20 on the bonus, while Bellarmine get 10 on the bounceback. 130-110 Bellarmine.

Tossup 7: Bellarmine maintains their lead with a power and a very quick sweep of a philosophy bonus. 180-110 Bellarmine.

Tossup 8: Yet another power by Bellarmine. They again are very quick on the bonus, getting all 30 points on the bonus. 230-110 Bellarmine.

Tossup 9: For one, Bellarmine doesn’t buzz in power, as Auburn beats them to it. They get the tossup incorrect, and Bellarmine picks it up at the end. Both teams get 10 on the bonus. 250-120 Bellarmine.

Tossup 10: Bellarmine ends the half by missing the tossup, and Auburn answers it and 20s the bonus. 250-150 Bellarmine.

Tossup 11: Sameer gets a first-clue power in math, and Bellarmine gets 20 on the bonus. 290-150 Bellarmine.

Tossup 12: Bellarmine wins a buzzer race, and they just barely get the answer in time. They once again get 20 on the bonus. 320-150 Bellarmine.

Tossup 13: Another first-line power by Bellarmine. They 30 the bonus and are really starting to pull ahead. 370-150 Bellarmine.

Tossup 14: Third power in four tossups by Bellarmine. They talk themselves out of a bonus part, which Auburn picks up, but they get the other two parts. 410-160 Bellarmine.

Tossup 15: Bellarmine’s streak ends with an incorrect buzz, and Auburn answers it. They 20 the bonus, while Bellarmine takes 10 on the bounceback. 420-190 Bellarmine.

Tossup 16: Bellarmine once again buzzes early, but they are incorrect. Auburn is unable to take advantage of it, though. 420-190 Bellarmine.

Tossup 17: Yet again, Bellarmine buzzes in very early, but this time they get it correct. They 20 the bonus, and Auburn steals 10. 460-200 Bellarmine.

Tossup 18: A buzzer race goes to Auburn this time, and they get it in power. They get 20 on the bonus. 460-240 Bellarmine.

Tossup 19: Bellarmine responds with a power of their own, and they sweep a physics bonus. 510-240 Bellarmine.

Tossup 20: Auburn powers the final tossup, and they get 20 points on the bonus. 510-280 Bellarmine.