PACE NSC Liveblog: Superplayoff Round 3

Welcome to the 3rd round of the PACE NSC superplayoffs! We will be covering Auburn vs. Centennial this round. I will also be posting updates on Twitter using the hashtag #pacensc.

Tossup 1: Centennial wins the buzzer race, but Adam doesn’t actually get the answer. Auburn picks it up, and they 30 the bonus. 40-0 Auburn.

Tossup 2: Auburn buzzes really early, but they are ruled incorrect. Centennial buzzes, and are able to get it in power. They 20 the bonus to tie the game. 40-40.

Tossup 3: Centennial powers again, and this time they sweep the bonus. 90-40.

Tossup 4: Once again, Centennial powers, and once again, they get all 30 points on the bonus, this time on fine arts. 140-40 Centennial.

Tossup 5: Auburn buzz in but miss the tossup, and Centennial picks it up and sweeps the third bonus in a row. 180-40 Centennial.

Tossup 6: Auburn finally gets back on the board with a power, and they 20 the bonus. Centennial steals 10. 190-80 Centennial.

Tossup 7: A buzzer race in power goes to Auburn, and they are rewarded by a history bonus which they 30. 190-130 Centennial.

Tossup 8: Auburn’s comeback is cut short with an incorrect answer, and Cenetennial takes the tossup and 30 on the bonus. 230-130 Centennial.

Tossup 9: For the second tossup in a row, Auburn misses the tossup. Centennial picks it up, and they “only” 20 the bonus. Auburn takes the remaining 10 points. 260-140 Centennial.

Tossup 10: Auburn buzzes before the first clue is read, and they are not able to get the tossup. Centennial gets it, and they 20 the bonus. 290-140 Centennial.

Tossup 11: The first tossup in the half goes to Centennial. They get 20 points on the astronomy bonus. 320-140 Centennial.

Tossup 12: For the second time this game, Centennial wins the buzzer race but don’t actually give the correct answer. Auburn picks it up, and they get 10 on the bonus. 320-160 Centennial.

Tossup 13: Another miss by Centennial, and Auburn takes advantage of it with a tossup and 20 on the bonus. 320-190 Centennial.

Tossup 14: Centennial rights their ship with a tossup and a 30 on the bonus. 360-190 Centennial.

Tossup 15: Centennial gets the tossup, and they are able to get 20 points on a geography bonus. 390-190 Centennial.

Tossup 16: A power this time to Centennial. They once again get 20 points on the bonus, this time on music. 430-190 Centennial.

Tossup 17: Auburn responds with a tossup of their own, and they are able to sweep the bonus. 430-240 Centennial.

Tossup 18: Centennial buzzes in, but they are ruled incorrect. Auburn picks it up, and they take 10 on the bonus. 430-260 Centennial.

Tossup 19: Auburn gets the second-to-last tossup, and they quickly sweep the bonus. 430-300 Centennial.

Tossup 20: Auburn finishes strong, getting the final tossup on the first line and 30ing the bonus. 430-350 Centennial.