PACE NSC Liveblog: Finals

Welcome to the finals of the PACE NSC! Hunter and Bellarmine will be playing a one-game match to determine the championship. I will also be posting updates on Twitter using the hashtag #pacensc.

Tossup 1: And Hunter starts us off with a tossup on d’Artagnan! They proceed to get 20 points on the bonus, while Bellarmine steals 10. 30-10 Hunter.

Tossup 2: Hunter buzzes with Louie Armstrong, but are ruled incorrect. Bellarmine buzzes in before the end of the tossup with Duke Ellington. They sweep the bonus to take the lead. 50-30 Bellarmine.

Tossup 3: Lily wins a buzzer race for Dopper Effect in power. They get a Japanese history bonus, which they 30. 80-50 Hunter.

Tossup 4: A buzzer race, this time on patients of Sigmund Freud, is answered by Bellarmine. They get 30 on a geography bonus to retake the lead. 90-80 Bellarmine.

Tossup 5: Naples is powered by Hunter on the first line. Hunter are able to get all three bonus parts on nuclear science. 130-90 Hunter.

Tossup 6: Sameer buzzes for Bellarmine, but his answer is incorrect. Hunter eventually gets Pan, and they get 30 points for Things Fall Apart. 170-90 Hunter.

Tossup 7: Once again, Bellarmine buzzes in early, but do not get the tossup. Hunter again gets the answer, New Gingrich, and they sweep the bonus. 210-90 Hunter.

Tossup 8: Bellarmine gets back into the game with a power, and they are able to get all 30 points on the bonus as well. 210-140 Hunter.

Tossup 9: A tossup on El Salvador is negged by Bellarmine, their third in four tossups. Hunter continues to take advantage of Bellarmine’s misfortunes, as they get the tossup and 30 on the bonus. 250-140 Hunter.

Tossup 10: Hunter wins a buzzer race in power, but they “only” get 20 points on the bonus to give them a substantial lead going into halftime. 290-140 Hunter.

Tossup 11: Bellarmine buzzes on the first clue to start the second half with a power. They get 30 points on a bonus on the Trojan War. 290-190 Hunter.

Tossup 12: Bellarmine’s starting a comeback with a buzz on Chopin’s Etudes. They get 20 points on a music bonus. 290-220 Hunter.

Tossup 13: Lily buzzes with “ocean gyres” for “ocean currents”, but is ruled incorrect. She protests, but it is denied. Bellarmine picks it up, and they get 20 on the bonus, while Hunter gets 10 on the bounceback. 300-250 Hunter.

Tossup 14: Sammer buzzes for Bellarmine, but is unable to give the answer. Hunter later buzzes with Xenophon, and they 30 a bonus on statistics. 340-250 Hunter.

Tossup 15: And Sameer makes up for last tossup with a power on Shiva. However, they only get 10 points on the bonus. 340-280 Hunter.

Tossup 16: Once again, Sameer buzzes on the first line but is incorrect. Hunter eventually gets Owen, and they get 20 on a lit bonus, while Bellarmine steals 10. 370-290 Hunter.

Tossup 17: Bellarmine gets 10 points on the tossup on logic, and they sweep an art tossup to put them within one tossup. 370-330 Hunter.

Tossup 18: Bellarmine answers a tossup on the Manson family incorrectly. Hunter picks it up, and they sweep the history bonus. 410-330 Hunter.

Tossup 19: A crucial buzzer race goes to Bellarmine for power. They get 20 on the bonus, but Hunter gets 10 on the steal. Bellarmine can still tie on the next tossup. 420-370 Hunter.

Tossup 20: Hunter buzzes a chemistry tossup, but they get it wrong. Bellarmine buzzes in, hoping to get it while still in power, but they too cannot pull off the answer. Hunter wins the NSC, 420-370.