PACE announces program to reimburse volunteer staffers for travel expenses

PACE is extremely pleased to announce that we’ve begun a program to reimburse frequent voluneteer staffers for out-of-pocket travel expenses incurred while traveling to tournaments.

We will reimburse travel at 50.5 cents per mile.  At this time, PACE is only able to offer up to $100 per person and $1500 total, although we may look into those numbers again, based on fund availability, if we come close to hitting the cap.

In order to receive funds, volunteer staffers should apply ahead of time with a form that will shortly be posted both on this website and on the forums.  Donald Taylor and a small group of PACE members will be in charge of approving requests.

PACE hopes that this will help to relieve the financial burden placed on volunteer staffers and will thus help the national circuit to continue to grow. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact PACE Communications Director Hannah Kirsch at