Tournament Preparation for TDs

When: As you’re preparing to announce your tournament

  1. Make sure to read this guide for tournament directors from beginning to end, so that you have a complete understanding of your responsibilities well before the tournament.
  2. Make sure that you personally have the hardware requirements described in the equipment section (webcam, headset, good internet connection, computer with minimal other apps running).
  3. Announce your tournament like you usually would ( forums, TournamentDB, emails, etc.). In the announcement, link to this guide.
  4. Recruit staff for the tournament. Ideally you’ll have 2 staffers for each room and at least 1 dedicated tournament director. Having backup staff is extremely important. It’s very common for moderators to have hardware issues that cannot be resolved. Without a backup for them, the whole tournament can get behind.
  5. Ideally try to get practice with Discord before hosting the tournament. Run your team’s practice over Discord (use a separate server). Play in another Discord tournament from an experienced online tournament TD. Join one of the PACE-run TD training sessions.

Online Tournament Rules | TD Guide | Discord Server Creation