The Tournament Director’s Role During an Online Tournament

Like in an in-person event, the tournament director is the person ultimately responsible for an online event. The TD will spend a lot of time preparing the Discord server prior to running the event (see detailed steps below).

On the day of the event, the TD’s main jobs should be:

  1. Enforcing a clear code of conduct and making sure that everyone is treated with respect
  2. Posting appropriate announcements in the #announcements channel
  3. Getting everyone into their assigned role
    • Often you’ll have people joining late, so it’s important to monitor the #general chat for people who don’t have roles
  4. Working with moderators on making sure teams are in the correct rooms for each round
  5. Responding to rooms having technical difficulties. Often the best resolution is to swap out one staffer for another (which is why it’s so important to have backup staffers)
  6. Checking in on what rooms are going slowly and why
    • Make sure that moderators are quickly moving through questions, not giving too much time on answers, etc.
  7. Resolving protests in #protests
  8. Handling rebracketing, lunch breaks, etc.

This can be a lot of work so it’s highly encouraged that you have a separate stats person and you are not directly staffing a room.

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