Room and Team Creation on Discord

When: Once you have the server created and the schedule finalized. Ideally about 7 to 4 days before the tournament date.

Load the Discord app and connect to your server.

Go to the #bot-commands text channel.

Create the teams for the tournament. I suggest using simple names like A1 and B4 for your team names.

To create teams all at once, run a command like the following:

.m A[1-8] –force

This will create roles for Teams A1, A2 through A8. Change the “8” above to the number of teams in your tournament. You may want to use a separate letter for each bracket (i.e. run once for A[1-8] and again for B[1-8] if you have a 16 team tournament with two brackets of 8 teams).

Note: If you’re getting an error running the above command, make sure you’re using a standard hyphen (i.e. “-“) and not some similar looking punctuation mark.

A few seconds after running the “.m” command, you’ll a confirmation message saying “The Teams were created.”

Successful team creation. Note: Since making this screenshot, the huddle channels won’t be created.

You should also see new roles created for each team. For instance, if you right click on someone in the chat and go to “Roles”, you’ll now see a list of team roles like this:

Roles A1 through A8 represent the team roles

If your tournament will have rebracketed playoffs, we suggest you create team roles for playoffs too. For instance, if you have an 8 team tournament you may want to create roles like XA1 through XA8 using a command similar to above. When it comes time to rebracket, you will use the remap command to assign a prelim role to a playoff role like as follows:

.p @A1 “XA3”

The above command will assign the team seeded A1 in the prelims to XA3 in the playoffs (i.e. this team came in 3rd in that bracket). This will make it easier to match teams to your playoff schedule.

In the same #bot-commands text channel, create the rooms for your tournament. Do this with a command like the following:

.c “Room 1” “Room 2” “Room 3” “Room 4” –force

You should get a confirmation message and now see voice and text channels for Rooms 1 through 4 (or however many rooms you created):

Successful room creation message

By default, your staffers will have access to all game rooms. Teams won’t have access to any of the rooms until you add them (see adding teams to rooms guide). Staffers will generally stay in one room for the course of the tournament.

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