Handling Cheating and Misconduct for TDs at Online Tournaments


Cheating is a serious concern at online tournaments. Because players aren’t in the same physical room as the moderator, it’s much easier for them to look up answers to questions.

There are four main deterrents to cheating at online tournaments. First, all tournaments should use video chat. This makes it harder for cheating players to look up answers on their phone and can be used to identify if someone is typing during a question.

Second, tournament directors and moderators should have players sign an honor code. They should let players and coaches know that cheating is not acceptable.

Third, moderators should be encouraged to keep matches moving as quickly as possible. Cheating is more difficult when there is little downtime in between questions or long pauses in the middle of tossups.

Fourth, we encourage tournament directors to require that all teams attending high school and middle school tournaments have a coach or chaperone present. This individual doesn’t need to physically be in the same room as a player. But the presence of an authority figure can help discourage cheating and is another set of eyes to raise suspicious behavior.

These measures are by no means foolproof. If you suspect cheating may be happening, please report it. TODO: Instructions


Misconduct can happen at both physical and online tournaments. Tournament directors can help reduce misconduct by requiring that all participants agree to PACE’s Code of Conduct before playing the tournament and emphasizing the key points in that document throughout the tournament. Participants should be empowered to contact the TD for any violations of the policy.

To report an incident of misconduct, please see here: https://hsquizbowl.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=297&t=24183&sid=7257e120f48a308a30838506b08e0329

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