Discord Server Creation

When: As soon as you announce your tournament

Create a Discord server for your event. You can do this by clicking the + button on the left of the Discord client

The “+” button is how you create a new Discord server for your tournament
Dialog you’ll see after hitting the “+” button. Choose “Create a Server”
Name your server for your tournament and optionally give it an image

After the server is created, the first thing you’ll probably see is a message like this saying to invite people to your server. Dismiss that for now (the X in the top right), as you’re not ready to do so yet.

Close this dialog. It’s not time to invite people to your server yet.

You should now see an empty server that looks like this:

Newly created Discord server

Add the Discord bot to your server by using this link. This will load a Discord login page in your browser. Log in with your same Discord username/password.

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to connect the Tournament Bot to one of your servers. Click on the name of the server you just created and hit “Continue.”

Select your server to add the Tournament Bot to

Hit “authorize” on the next screen:

Authorize the bot with admin permissions on your server
Success message for adding the bot to your server

Go back to the Discord desktop app. You should now see the “Tournament Bot” having joined your server.

Type the following command in the chat bow in the #general channel to initialize your server:

.i –force

Command to type to initialize the server

You should see it creating a bunch of channels. After a few seconds it should look like this:

Newly initialized online quizbowl server. Notice it has created channels for the control room, announcements, honor pledge, etc.

Go to the #honor-pledge channel. Paste in the code of conduct for this tournament. TODO: Link.

Pin the message you’ve just typed by moving your mouse over it, selecting the “…” and then choosing “Pin Message”.

Pinning the honor code message

Head over to the #bot-commands channel and then type the following message to see the list of available commands from the bot:


Bot help commands

At this point, the basics of your server will be set up.

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