Discord Audio Settings

When: After installing the Discord desktop app and (if necessary) purchasing your audio/video equipment.

Once you’ve installed the Discord desktop app and have your headset plugged in, you’ll want to configure the audio settings so they work best for quizbowl.

Click on the “User Settings” gear button that should be at the bottom left of your screen:

Click on the gear button next to your username to open the settings

Go to App Settings -> Voice and Video

I personally prefer using Push to Talk. This lets me control when my audio is coming through by pressing a hotkey (in my case, Control + dot). Important: Make sure that the Push to Talk Release Delay to around 200 MS so that it doesn’t cut you off at the end of talking.

Increasing the push to talk release delay helps prevent Discord from cutting off your statements. Pay attention to the shortcut key you chose. In this case, it’s Control + dot which I need to hold to talk

Many people find it easier to use the Voice Activity option. If you do this as a moderator, turn off the “automatically determine input sensitivity” and move the slider all the way to the left:

For moderators, when using “Voice Activity” make sure to set your input sensitivity low. For players, if you set this to a low value make sure you’re vigilant about muting when not speaking

Once you have this configured, use this dialog to test your mic and video to ensure that you’re coming through clearly.

You may also want to change notification sounds, as these can be distracting when you’re playing or moderating a match. You can find these in the “notifications” section below “Voice & Video” and then scrolling down:

Discord notification sound settings

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