Creating Scoresheets

When: After you’ve created the schedule

If you’re hosting an NAQT tournament, please follow NAQT’s instructions on accessing packets and keeping track of score. As of August 2020, these instructions will be posted in mid-September.

For non-NAQT tournaments, we recommend that you use Neg5 for keeping score and stats for your tournament. Neg5 is an online platform that allows each staffer to independently keep score during a match and automatically compile the stats.

The main alternative to Neg5 are online scoresheets that typically build on Google Sheets or Excel. UCSD scoresheets are one option. These typically are a little harder to set up than Neg5 and don’t automatically generate records. Automatic record generation is very helpful when you’re trying to rebracket in a timely manner.

Note: Neg5 has fewer built-in checks for scorekeeping errors than other stats software. Tournament directors and/or the person doing stats for the tournament should pay extra attention to game outcomes.

Setting up a Neg5 Tournament

After creating an account on Neg5 and/or logging in, create a new tournament:

Create a new tournament

Configure the tournament based on your format:

Tournament configuration. Make sure to select the point structure, whether you have bouncebacks or not

Email your staffers and have them create Neg5 accounts if they haven’t already.

Head over to the “Collaborators” tab and search for and add people as collaborators to the tournament.

Adding collaborators

Go to the Teams tab and start adding team rosters for your tournament.

Adding teams

Once the tournament starts, someone from each room will create a new scoresheet (on the scoresheet tab) and use that to keep score. This electronic scoresheet works similarly to a paper one. You mark when players get tossups and how many bonus points they get. At the end of the match, the staffer hits the submit scoresheet button.

Choosing teams from a new scoresheet
An example scoresheet in progress
Entering information before submitting a scoresheet. Once a staffer has submitted it, the game will be visible in the live stats

At any point during the tournament, you can see records by going to the More -> Stats tab. You can also link to this tab in your #announcements channel so everyone else can follow along with live stats.

How to get to the live stats for a Neg5 tournament

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