Adding Staff, Players and Coaches to Your Discord Server

When: Can start as soon as you’ve created your server and created the rooms and teams for your server. No later than 2 days before the tournament date.

Open the Discord app and click on your tournament server.

Click on the name of the server and go to “Invite People”:

Invite People option on the server

On the screen that pops up, select “Edit invite link.”

Click on “edit invite link”

On the next screen, choose the following settings and then click on “Generate New Link”:

Set the invite link to never expire

This will send you back to the main invite screen. On this screen, click on “Copy” to get the link you’ll use to invite players, coaches and staff to the tournament. It will look something like “[some code]”:

Click copy to get your invite link

Include this link in the mail that you send to staffers, players and coaches. Note that you’ll want to include links to the staffer guide, coach guide, and player guide when sending this link.

Ask anyone joining your server to rename themselves to their real name. They should use a format like “Jane Doe (Central High)” or “John Smith (Central High Coach)” or “Joe Schmoe (Staff)”. They can easily change their nickname by typing a command like this in any chatroom once they’ve joined the server:

/nick John Smith (Central High School Coach)

You can also manually rename people by finding them in the chat list in #general, then right clicking on their name and choosing “Change Nickname”:

How to change someone’s nickname

Staffer Setup:

Once staffers have joined your server, right click on their name in the user list in the #general chat and find “Roles” in the menu. Select the “Staff” role.

Adding the Staff role for moderators, scorekeepers and other staff

You should now see the moderator/scorekeeper listed under “Staff”:

“Joe Smith” in this example now has the Staff role

Remind the staffer to set up their equipment properly (see this section of the guide on Discord audio settings).

Important: Do an equipment check with the staffer in the control-room-voice channel. To join this channel, just click on it. And then hit the”Video” button to make it a video call. Have the staffer read a few questions to make sure everything is coming through load and clear. Give them feedback about any issues with their audio/video quality (for instance, they may be too close to the microphone, it may be too quiet, etc.). Take notes on how good the quality was so you can rank your top staffers by audio fidelity.

Joining the control-room-voice channel for an equipment test

Note that a moderator having a good connection in a test call isn’t a guarantee that everything will go smoothly during the event itself.

Make sure that staffers can access packets, scoresheets and whatever other resources you’re using. Have the moderators practice having packets, the Discord chat, the Discord video window, and scoresheets all open at once on their screen. It’s usually not common for people to have so many windows open at once. See the moderating guide for more info.

PACE Tech Support Setup:

If you’d like PACE Tech Support before/during the tournament, please email the invite link to And then add all PACE accounts to the Control Room role. PACE will provide more details after you’ve sent the initial invite.

Player/Coach Setup:

Note this step assumes you’ve already created the rooms and teams for your server.

After players and coaches have signed the honor pledge in the #honor-pledge channel, you can start adding them to their proper team role.

To do this, right click on their username (which will appear in the #general or #honor-pledge channel) and then go to Roles ->. Select the role that corresponds to their team name, e.g. A5:

Adding a player/coach to team A5

You should now see the player/coach listed under Player/Coach:

Users who have been added to the player/coach role

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