Online Moderating Basics

When you moderate at an online tournament, you’ll be reading questions just like you would at an in-person event. Expect to be reading for at least as long as an in-person tournament, and probably longer.

Make sure you’re moderating from a quiet environment. If you can’t be somewhere without any background noise, please let the TD know this.

Turn off all sound alerts on your computer. Players will be very distracted if they are hearing background pings. See this page for details.

Like in an in-person tournament, you’re expected to be fully present when moderating/scorekeeping. Don’t be chatting or browsing the web in between questions.

To repeat from above, you absolutely must have a headset microphone (not your laptop microphone). Always have sound coming from your headset and not your computer’s speakers.

Be respectful and professional. If you see anyone violating the tournament’s code of conduct, report it to the TD.

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