Adding Teams to Discord Rooms

When: Before the start of each round.

For Discord tournaments, teams only get permissions to the room they’re currently playing in. Each round, staff must empty their room of teams and then add the teams that are playing their next match.

Moderators: Get confirmation from your TD that you can start.

Consult the schedule to see which teams are in your room this round.

In your room chat, type the following command to empty out the teams from your room (replacing the room number with your room):

.e #room-1-text –force

Successful emptying of Room 1

Add the first team playing in your room for this round:

.a @A5 #room-1-text –force

Successful adding of Team A5 to Room 1

Add the second team playing in your room for this round:

.a @A6 #room-1-text –force

You should now see two teams in your room, which you can confirm by seeing players listed in the Player/Coach role for the room chat:

After adding teams to Room 1, you’ll see players listed in the Player/Coach role on the right-hand side of the room text channel

Note: Even though the above commands just reference the text chats, they will remove/add players from both the text and voice version of the room.

Tournament Directors: You can make this easier for your moderators by giving them a list of commands to run each round ahead of time. This requires that you hand-make the commands for each room. TDs can also do this step for moderators. And in the future, the tournament bot may be expanded to automatically create these commands for prelim matches.

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