Breakout Rooms for Zoom Tournaments

In a Zoom tournament, many teams will typically be connected to one meeting. Within this meeting, teams will play games in breakout rooms.

To create breakout rooms, join your meeting via the invite link. On the bottom of the Zoom window you should see an option for “Breakout Rooms.” Click on this.

The Zoom toolbar has an option for breakout rooms

You’ll then be shown a window where you can specify the breakout room options. Create rooms based on the number of rooms you’ll have in this meeting (i.e. number of rooms in the bracket). You may want to create an extra room for staff discussion, although we recommend you use another solution such as Discord or any other chat app for this purpose.

Make sure to set the “manually” option here

You’ll also likely want to rename your breakout rooms to match the name of the staffer or room number on the schedule.

Rename the breakout room to have a friendly name

Once the tournament is underway, you can use this Breakout Rooms dialog to assign players to the correct room for the round. Note that you’ll need to reassign each individual player/coach which can take a long time. This is one of the big disadvantages of Zoom compared to Discord.

People can only be in one breakout room at a time. After a match, players should leave their breakout room and go back to the main room.

Players won’t automatically be sent to the breakout room. They’ll need to go on their own once you’ve given them permission.

The main room is where you can make announcements. You may want to mute everyone else when making an announcement.


If you have purchased your own Zoom Pro account to run the tournament, make sure that you enable the Breakout Room option in your user settings on the Zoom website.

Zoom user settings tab
Make sure breakout room setting is enabled