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Post-game interview with the coaches of DCC

After DCC A secured their victory, Marianna Zhang (MZ) caught up with DCC coaches Christopher Gismondi (CG) and Benjamin Herman (BH).

This interview has been edited lightly for clarity.

MZ: How are you feeling right now?
CG: I’m running the gamut of emotions. Pure joy, relief, a tinge of sadness because I’m going to miss the seniors, but it was a great way to end the year.
MZ: How were you feeling in those last couple tossups? Could you run me through what you were thinking?
CG: I just always try to stay calm. If I’m calm, the players will be calm, and if they’re calm, I’m confident they’ll get tossups. I just always try to stay even-keeled and focused.
MZ: How long have you all been training for?
CG: The A team has been together for 2 years. They were the B team last year and got 5th at the 2016 PACE NSC. We take 4 to 6 teams to tournaments starting when players are freshmen, so they’ve been training for 4 years.

MZ: Could you describe what you’re feeling right now?
BH: I’m just so proud of these guys right now. We travel so much on the road with them – we’ve gone 26 weekends out of 38 in the school year. Both I and BH have wives and kids at home, so we put a lot of sacrifice in, and the players make it worth it. They make it all worth it. They are incredible. Senior leadership was unbelieveable this year. I could not be more proud of them.
MZ: What are you guys going to do after this?
BH: (laughing) We’re not going to talk to each other for about 6 weeks.
CG: (laughing) 6 weeks, and then we start practices again in July. So we’ll take a few weeks off and then dive right back in.
MZ: Any celebration plans?
BH: You know what, I haven’t even gotten over it yet. I’m just too excited. It’s great to see Connor Reynolds here, who was on a national title team a couple years ago.
CG: Yeah, it’s wonderful to see our alumni. It’s not just us and the guys.
BH: Robert Crawford, who got the winning question – his brother is here and he graduated in 2001.
MZ: Oh wow, that sounds amazing. You guys have absolutely massive audience support from parents and family, which is wonderful.
CG: (laughing) Probably intimidating to play against.

Correction (6/12): A previous version of this interview swapped the names of the two coaches. Apologies for the error.

2017 NSC updated schedule

DCC A has compellingly won the 2017 PACE NSC, but games at NSC continue on the following schedule.

Five tiebreaker games will begin at 1:30pm:
4th place – Dublin Scioto vs Thomas Jefferson A (VA) – John Wayne A
6th place – IMSA vs La Jolla – McCarran A
9th place – Stevenson A vs Naperville North – JFK
12th place – St John’s vs Canyon Crest Academy – McCarran B
14th place – Homestead vs Dorman – John Wayne B

After those tiebreakers conclude, in lieu of finals, the 2nd place tiebreaker game will begin at 2:15:
2nd place – Westview vs Barrington – Rosemont Ballroom

The all-star game continues to be scheduled for 3:15pm, and the awards ceremony for 3:50pm.

Teams not involved in tiebreakers are encouraged to stay through the all-star game and awards ceremony. However, teams may leave if they so choose. If teams brought a buzzer, they should pick up their buzzer from LaGuardia.

2017 NSC results

Congratulations to Detroit Catholic Central High School A of Novi, Michigan, the 2017 PACE NSC champions! They cleared the superplayoff bracket by 2 games, blowing anyway the closest competitors.

DCC A’s last superplayoff game was a nail-biter where they defeated Dublin Scioto High School (OH) 410 to 400. The game came down to a sudden-death tiebreaker question, a mythology tossup on Polyphemus that Robert Crawford answered for a game-ending 10 points.

DCC A is composed of senior Austin Morton, senior Robert Mansuetti, senior Will Lamarra, and junior Robert Crawford. Austin and Robert M are headed to the University of Michigan, while Will is headed to the University of Notre Dame. The coaches of DCC are Christopher Gismondi and Benjamin Herman.

Final standings (top 8)
1. Detroit Catholic Central A (Novi, MI)
2. Westview High School (San Diego, CA)
3. Barrington High School (Barrington, IL)
4. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology A (Alexandria, VA)
5. Dublin Scioto High School (Dublin, OH)
6. Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy A (Aurora, IL)
7. La Jolla High School (La Jolla, CA)
8. Chattahoochee High School A (Johns Creek, GA)

Junior Varsity
Congratulations to Ladue (MO), the 2017 PACE NSC JV Champions! Northview (GA) and Strake Jesuit (TX) are the 2nd and 3rd place JV teams.

Small Schools
Congratulations to Southside A (SC), the 2017 PACE NSC Small School Champions! Lehigh Valley Academy (PA) and Danville (KY) are the 2nd and 3rd place Small School teams.

Full statistics
Full statistics and placements are available on the hsquizbowl database. Send any stat corrections to Jon Pinyan at pinyan AT gmail DOT com.

Question set
The question set will be uploaded shortly onto the quizbowl packet archive. A question set discussion thread is available shortly on the quizbowl forums. Set comments can also be sent to head editor Rob Carson at editing AT pace-nsc DOT org.

Video recordings
Video recordings of the following are available on our YouTube channel:
Cooper Awards ceremony (captioned)
Selected superplayoff matches (McCarran A)
6th place tiebreaker match (captioned)
2nd place tiebreaker match, all-star game, awards ceremony (captioned)

Additional recordings of superplayoff matches (John Wayne A) will be available shortly.

High-quality pictures taken by Colin McNamara are available on Flickr. They are available for download and distribution with attribution to Colin McNamara.

All-Star Game
The top individual scorers from Saturday prelims, and the top scorers on the top 4 teams at NSC participated in a draft, and competed on a fun set of questions. Krypteia won 180-130 over White Raisins. PACE will donate $400 to Krypteia’s selected charity, the Audubon Society, and $100 to White Raisins’ selected charity, Adopt a Classroom.

White Raisins was composed of Rahul Keyal (Westview, CA), Luke Tierney (Hunter A, NY), Robert Crawford (DCC A, MI), James Malouf (La Jolla, CA). Krypteia was composed of Matthew Lehmann (Barrington, IL), Jakob Myers (Naperville North, IL), Alex Schmidt (Lehigh Valley Academy, PA), Grant Lee (Thomas Jefferson A (VA)).

These teams were drafted from:

Top individual scorers from Saturday prelims:
Clark Smith, Dublin Scioto (OH) [absent for the all-star game]
Jakob Myers, Naperville North (IL)
Alex Schmidt, Lehigh Valley Academy (PA)
James Malouf, La Jolla (CA)
Luke Tierney, Hunter A (NY)

Top scorers on the top 4 teams at NSC.
Robert Crawford, DCC A (MI)
Rahul Keyal, Westview (CA)
Matthew Lehmann, Barrington (IL)
Grant Lee, Thomas Jefferson A (VA)

2017 NSC JV and Small School Divisions Results

Junior Varsity
Congratulations to Ladue (MO), who, as the only JV team advancing to the top 28 superplayoffs group, will be the 2017 PACE NSC JV Champions! Northview (GA) and Strake Jesuit (TX) are the 2nd and 3rd place JV teams.

Small Schools
Congratulations to Southside A (SC), who, as the only Small School team advancing to the top 28 superplayoffs group, will be the 2017 PACE NSC Small School Champions! Lehigh Valley Academy (PA) and Danville (KY) are the 2nd and 3rd place Small School teams.

2017 PACE NSC Superplayoff Seeds

2017 PACE NSC superplayoff seeds are now available. The 8 teams in the top superplayoff bracket remain in contention for the championship.

The tournament schedule is available on github.

Teams should head directly to their superplayoff rooms Sunday morning by 8:15am. Good luck to all teams!

One room of the top superplayoff bracket will be livestreamed on a game-length delay. The finals, all-star game, and awards ceremony will be streamed live. More information about livestreaming can be found at the PACE live page.