Applications and Nominations for PACE Membership

The Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence is now seeking applications and/or nominations for new members! Nominations can be submitted at the form above or by email to Catherine Qian at by January 4th, 2022 at 11:59 P.M. EST.

The Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence (PACE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer alliance of advocates and organizers for the game of high school quizbowl. PACE members commit themselves to outreach projects, organization of the NSC, or both, as well as attending virtual meetings every month or so. PACE frequently collaborates with other high school and college academic competition organizations to achieve greater success in its projects. 

In both application and nomination statements, PACE is looking for evidence of: 

  • sustained outreach efforts 
  • strong tournament direction skills 
  • leadership roles in local or regional quizbowl organizations 
  • steadfast commitment to projects that improve competitions or the quizbowl community in general 
  • experience in head editing question sets 
  • specialized technical skills (e.g. video editing skills, experience handling an organization’s finances, web design) 

These are not the only criteria that PACE members take into account when deciding who to invite, but these elements typically form a strong statement. Statements should be no more than 300 words. Longer statements do not affect admission – it is entirely dependent on the content. 

PACE values having a diverse set of voices amongst our membership, from all races, colors, religions, sexes, gender identities, and sexual orientations. We are especially welcoming applicants and nominees who are women or underrepresented minorities, as we recognize that an array of perspectives can significantly strengthen our organization. Often, people from these groups are hesitant about whether they are qualified to apply. If you know someone who would be a great fit but who might be reluctant to apply, please consider nominating them! If you’re just interested in learning more about what it’s like to work for PACE, feel free to email us, or take a look at a 2016 thread on the subject

We look forward to reading your applications and nominations!