Announcing the 2022 Cooper Award Winners!

Two headshots of Cooper winners Kristin Strey and Kevin Kodama.

PACE is proud to present the 2022 Benjamin Cooper Academic Ambassador Award and Young Ambassador Awards to Kristin Strey and Kevin Kodama, respectively.

We present the Academic Ambassador Award to Kristin Strey, founder of the Scholastic Community Outreach Program (SCOP), for her tireless commitment to outreach and resource creation to make the game of quizbowl more accessible for new coaches, players, writers, and everyone in between.

We present the Young Ambassador Award to Kevin Kodama of the University of Washington for his exemplary leadership and extensive outreach work to introduce more schools in the Washington circuit to the world of pyramidal quizbowl through sustained efforts to build and maintain relationship with teams and coaches new to quizbowl.

These awards will be presented at the opening meeting of the 2022 PACE NSC, on Saturday, June 11 in Chicago, IL. Congratulations to Kristin and Kevin!