2023 NSC Fee Structure

Base fee: $845 per team (note that this is per team, not per school)

Buzzer systems*: –$15 each per buzzer system, max 1 system per team

Staffers: –$50 each per staffer, max 2 staffers per school

Hosting a gold-certified tournament: –$10 each per tournament, no limit

Hosting a platinum-certified tournament: –$20 each per tournament, no limit

*In order to claim a buzzer discount, teams must provide a system with at least eight fully working buzzers (defined as having lockout capabilities and functional identifying lights). Buzzer systems will be tested at buzzer check-in and teams who provide non-working systems will be required to refund the discount. Please note that buzzer discounts will be limited to one per team.

Teams may choose to pay the full registration fee as soon as they register, or to pay a $100 deposit at registration. PACE will count the $100 deposit towards the registration fee. If your team’s registration will be paid in full by the team’s school or school district, but another group (such as the students and/or coach) fronted the deposit, PACE can reimburse your team $100 in the event of an overpayment.

If a registered team withdraws from the tournament:

– The deposit is fully refundable (minus $5 processing fee) until March 15, 2023.

– The deposit is half-refundable (minus $5 processing fee) until March 31, 2023.

– After March 31, 2023, the deposit is non-refundable.

– After April 30, 2023, the full payment is non-refundable.

Teams are eligible for refunds if a late cancellation due to COVID-19 quarantine is required by CDC guidelines.

All registration payments, online or by mailed check, must be received by May 10, 2023. For each day your payment is not received after May 10, a $15 fee will be added to your entry fee. If your payment is not received by May 21, PACE reserves the right to drop your team from the tournament.

NSC entry fees primarily go towards writers and editors of the NSC question set, travel and lodging for NSC staffers, organization operating costs, and maintenance costs for this website and the hsquizbowl.org forums.

For specific questions about the fee structure or payment methods, please contact PACE Treasurer Mike Bentley at mbentleypace@gmail.com.