2017 NSC updated schedule

DCC A has compellingly won the 2017 PACE NSC, but games at NSC continue on the following schedule.

Five tiebreaker games will begin at 1:30pm:
4th place – Dublin Scioto vs Thomas Jefferson A (VA) – John Wayne A
6th place – IMSA vs La Jolla – McCarran A
9th place – Stevenson A vs Naperville North – JFK
12th place – St John’s vs Canyon Crest Academy – McCarran B
14th place – Homestead vs Dorman – John Wayne B

After those tiebreakers conclude, in lieu of finals, the 2nd place tiebreaker game will begin at 2:15:
2nd place – Westview vs Barrington – Rosemont Ballroom

The all-star game continues to be scheduled for 3:15pm, and the awards ceremony for 3:50pm.

Teams not involved in tiebreakers are encouraged to stay through the all-star game and awards ceremony. However, teams may leave if they so choose. If teams brought a buzzer, they should pick up their buzzer from LaGuardia.