2016 NSC: JV and Small School Titles

PACE will award titles recognizing the three best Junior Varsity teams and the three best Small School teams at the 2016 NSC. These will not be separate divisions.

A JV team consists of players in 10th grade or below. Middle school teams count as JV teams.

A “small school” is a school with fewer than 700 students in 10th through 12th grades that is a public school and has a non-selective admission policy. Please note that non-selective is not the same as non-magnet. Eligible schools are schools from systems where every school is a specialized center and students may choose to attend any school.

A team can be eligible for both the JV and small school title.

Small schools and JV teams will still need to qualify for the NSC through the regular qualification process. If a small school or JV team does not qualify through the regular means, they can still apply for qualification through the wildcard process. The wildcard approval committee will consider JV and small school status.


Q: Why is PACE awarding small school and JV titles?
A: PACE hopes to encourage more national tournament participation amongst small schools (especially those in rural areas) and underclassmen.

Q: We qualified two teams for the NSC. Neither of these teams were JV teams. Can I bring one varsity team and one JV team to the NSC?
A: Yes, the normal NSC qualification rules still apply. The team you send to the NSC does not need to include any of the same players you qualified with.

Q: Will JV tournaments be eligible for NSC affiliation?
A: PACE does not consider tournaments with fields exclusively aimed at novice and/or JV teams to be NSC qualifiers. However, we will consider wildcard bids from teams that have performed well at JV tournaments, and will take their JV status into account.