2015 NSC: Wild Card Application Now Open

The wild card application process for the 2015 NSC is now open! The procedure for submitting a wildcard bid is as follows:

Teams that wish to submit a wildcard bid for the 2015 PACE NSC should send an e-mail to PACE member Jason Loy at wildcard@pace-nsc.org. Please include the following information in the e-mail:
1. Team name (i.e. Smith High School B).
2. Expected team roster, including grades of players. Note: you are not bound to keep this roster.
3. Link to stats with top performances this school year.
4. Does your school meet the PACE small school definition? See the PACE website.
5. Brief summary of why your team deserves a NSC bid.

New in 2015:

  • PACE is now guaranteeing a seven-day review period for all wild card applications. If your team applies for a wild card and does not receive a reply within seven days, applicants may treat their team’s bid as accepted and register as such.
  • PACE will automatically approve wild card bids from teams which finished highly enough at events that meet our standards for qualifier status, even if those events are not officially listed on the PACE website.
    • Example: If “City High School A” finished in first, second, third, or fourth place at the “City Invitational Tournament,” a 20-team tournament which was run on an NAQT Invitational Series set, offered eight games to all teams, and kept team statistics – within the 20 percent cutoff of a Gold qualifier – their bid would be automatically approved regardless of whether the “City Invitational Tournament” chose to join the official list of qualifier events.