2015 NSC Field Filling Rapidly

96 teams have filled out the NSC registration form! As a reminder, if you have filled out the registration form and PACE has not yet received your deposit, you are not officially in the NSC field. The list of teams that are at each stage of NSC registration is on the PACE website.

In terms of getting into the NSC field, no matter if your team is the 1st team, the 97th team, or the 200th team to fill out the registration form, if you submit one of the first 96 deposits PACE receives, you are guaranteed a spot in the NSC field. There may be additional spots available if teams submit deposits and then drop, but this is not guaranteed. Teams that have not yet filled out the form and submitted deposits should do so as soon as possible, as the field is filling rapidly.

PACE will continue to accept deposits until we have received 96 and the field is closed. After that, any teams submitting deposits will be placed on the wait list. If there are drops, teams will be taken off the wait list in order of first deposit received, then first deposit postmarked, then first to fill out the registration form.