2014 NSC: Wildcard Procedure

The procedure for submitting a wildcard bid is as follows:

Teams that wish to submit a wildcard bid for the 2014 PACE NSC should send an e-mail to PACE member George Berry at georgeberry.vcu@gmail.com. Please include the following information in the e-mail:
1. Team name (i.e. Smith High School B).
2. Expected team roster, including grades of players. Note: you are not bound to keep this roster.
3. Link to stats with top performances this school year.
4. Does your school meet the PACE small school definition? See http://www.pace-nsc.org/2014-nsc-small-jv/ for more information.
5. Brief summary of why your team deserves a NSC bid.

The PACE Wildcard Committee will review all bids and respond quickly.