2013 NSC: Important Registration Reminders

As we approach 64 teams having filled out our registration form, I want to remind all teams of this year’s policy that they are not considered officially registered until Aaron Rosenberg has received their deposit (or full payment). Remember that payment should be mailed to:
Aaron Rosenberg
901 W. Springfield Avenue
Apartment 17
Urbana, IL 61801
and that this address is different from last year, as Aaron has moved. Payment via Google Checkout is also possible; contact Aaron Rosenberg at cursednine@gmail.com for details or if you need your invoice re-sent.

Please note in accordance with this policy that the first 64 teams to submit a deposit and/or full payment will be considered the initial full field for the tournament, regardless of the order in which they submitted their online form. All other teams will be placed on a waiting list.