2013 NSC Travel Information

PACE’s official staff hotel for the 2013 NSC is the Marriott Inn and Conference Center <http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/wasum-the-marriott-inn-and-conference-center-university-of-maryland-university-college/>
This hotel is located on the University of Maryland campus and is within walking distance of the tournament. PACE has made arrangements with the Marriott to allow teams to stay there at a special group rate of $99 per room per night (plus tax). In order to receive this rate, teams should call the hotel and ask to reserve rooms under the “PACE Team Block.”
Other hotels in the area which may be of interest include:
The Clarion Inn College Park:
Comfort Inn and Suites:
Quality Inn:
The carless should be aware that the posted hotels on route 1 are easily walkable to the campus. More options in the greater DC area are available for those who are driving to the tournament each day. We can provide feedback on the accessibility to the tournament of a given town or, when possible, on the quality of a given hotel. In general staying closer to the tournament and somewhere easily accessible via either Beltway or local road is suggested; there is no conceivable reason for an out-of-town team to stay in Virginia or anything like that.*Parking: If we are in the buildings we expect to be in, then the Regents Drive garage (located soon after turning right at the large M roundabout after entering the campus from US-1) is the place to park. It will charge either nothing or exactly $5 on weekend days, depending on whether other events are taking place nearby. Those who are staying at the on-campus hotel or nearby may wish to avoid the issue by walking to the tournament if possible.

*Driving: Expect traffic on Friday evening in the DC area. Those coming from the south should use a local route via 295, Kenilworth Ave, and Paint Branch Parkway for quickest access to the campus, but allot extra time for Friday travel in any case. On Saturday and Sunday, it will not be as bad, though if you are coming in on Saturday morning from outside of Maryland, some stop-and-go on I-95 or the Beltway is possible.*Getting to campus without driving: See the bottom of http://www.international.umd.edu/oip/332 for airport-to-College Park metro options. Reagan/National is probably the easiest airport to do this from as you don’t need to take any intermediary forms of transportation to get into the Metro system. For those using Amtrak, you can take the red line from Union Station towards Glenmont, switch to the green line towards Greenbelt at Fort Totten, and arrive at College Park metro similarly. From the College Park stop, it’s about a mile walk to the campus or to the US-1 hotels. Some people claim that the Maryland shuttle bus, which runs regularly on weekdays, does not check IDs. PACE officially disclaims support for engaging in the very easy and free practice of riding the shuttle directly from the metro stop to the campus.

For $1.75, you can ride the C8 or J4 MetroBus lines from the Metro stop through the campus, including to the intersection with University Boulevard, which is where the Marriot is.

The various buses do not regularly run on weekends at an hour early enough for you to get to the tournament on time. If you are arriving on Saturday morning on public transit, you should plan to walk or call a cab, allowing time for its arrival.

*Eating: Standard fast food selections, places that will deliver pizza, and local favorites such as Cluckster’s and Plato’s are in College Park. Essentially all of your food options are along US-1. Those looking for finer dining should be prepared to travel out to Silver Spring or Bethesda.