2013 NSC Field Expansion: 72 Teams

Effective immediately, the 2013 NSC field has expanded to 72 teams. Several waitlisted teams have confirmed their entrance into the field. As of this writing, 3 spots remain and the 2 waitlisted teams we have yet to hear from (Norcross and Harmony Science) have first right of refusal. Registration is limited to those waitlisted teams and our current standby teams until 10 AM EST tomorrow, May 31, and will open to any interested teams after that point. Teams who are interested in registering should contact Aaron Rosenberg at cursednine@gmail.com as soon as they are able to commit to attending.

To clarify, the remaining 3 spots will be assigned as follows:

1) Teams currently on the waitlist who commit by 10 tomorrow.
2) Teams currently on the standby list who commit to become paying teams by 10 tomorrow, ordered within this list by what their position on the standby list was.
3) Any teams not meeting criteria 1 or 2, including waitlist/standby teams who tell us after 10 tomorrow, and teams on neither list who tell us at any time, ordered by when they e-mail us committing to attend.