2010 NSC Results

The 2010 NSC was held at George Mason University for the third straight year, and took place on June 5 and 6. State College (David Liu, Graham Moyer, Monica McLaughlin, Christoph Schlom) won their fifth NSC, having cleared the field. Maggie Walker Governor’s School (Sarah Angelo, Tommy Casalaspi, JR Roach, Greg Tito) was second, having defeated LASA 240-190 in a half-game tiebreaker after both teams were 4-2, and St. Anselm’s (3-3) finished in fourth place. The remainder of the superplayoff field were Georgetown Day School, Dorman, and Torrey Pines. Southside was originally in the superplayoffs, but later vacated all of their results.


The individual leading scorer was Matt Jackson of GDS, joined in the All-Star Game by Matt Bollinger (St. Anselm’s), Stephen Liu (Torrey Pines), and Jasper Lee–each of whom scored 120 PPG or higher. Elected to the All-Star Game by vote were Graham Moyer (State College), Doug Graebner (Walt Whitman), and Tommy Casalaspi (Maggie Walker).

Tournament Format

As in the previous year, the 64-team field competed in 8 preliminary groups of 8 (http://pace-nsc.org/2010stats/2010_PACE_NSC_Prelims_standings.html), with the top two teams in each group advancing to the top playoff tier. Dorman, GDS, LASA, Maggie Walker, St. Anselm’s, and State College finished the prelims unbeaten. In the playoffs, teams were split into two groups of eight which played a round-robin (http://pace-nsc.org/2010stats/2010_PACE_NSC_Playoffs_standings.html). The top four from each group advanced to the super-playoffs (http://pace-nsc.org/2010stats/2010_PACE_NSC_Superplayoffs_standings.html) while the remaining teams played crossover games to determine their final rank.


R. Robert Hentzel was presented with the 2010 Benjamin Cooper Award, and Sarah Angelo received the Young Ambassador Cooper Award. Some other items of note include Nikhil Desai, playing on a mash-up standby team, scoring over 100 PPG; and Bill Tressler making his final appearance as coach of Charter School of Wilmington.