2008 NSC Results

The 2008 PACE NSC took place at George Mason University on May 31-June 1. The 48 teams were divided into six prelim brackets of eight teams each. The top two teams from each prelim bracket advanced to two six-team playoff brackets. After the playoffs, the top four teams (Walt Whitman, Dorman A, Thomas Jefferson A, and Wilmington Charter A) were seeded into a single-elimination bracket for the championship.


After 20 tossups, Walt Whitman High School (14-0) and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology A (11-3) were tied 360-360. After a three-question tiebreaker, Walt Whitman claimed the victory 440-390.


Thomas Jefferson A (4-1 in the playoffs with a loss to Walt Whitman) defeated Dorman A (12-1 overall, 5-0 in the playoffs) in one semifinal by a score of 460-335. Walt Whitman (5-0 in playoffs) defeated Wilmington Charter A (11-2 overall, 4-1 in the playoffs with a loss to Dorman A) 535-305 in the other semifinal.


Prelim Stats
Playoff Stats