2001 Cooper Award Recipient

Academic Ambassador Award

Robert Grierson

Editor, Scholastic Visions newsletter
Illinois High School Scholastic Bowl Coaches Association
Evanston, IL
Rob Grierson receiving his Cooper Award
PACE member Edmund Schluessel (left) presenting the Cooper Award to Robert Grierson (center). PACE Executive Director Emil Thomas Chuck (second to right) and member Dave Bykowski (right) look on.
TThe 2001 Benjamin Cooper Quiz Bowl Ambassador Award was given to Robert C. Grierson, for his service as founder and editor for Scholastic Visions the official newsletter for the IHSSBCA. Under his tenure as the treasurer of IHSSBCA and editor, Scholastic Visions has increased the visibility of academic quiz competitions in the state of Illinois and beyond. This network has been vital for the continued growth, success, and enjoyment of quiz bowl at both the high school and college levels.